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To try and make your life easier Wise Money has adopted most of Google's AutoFill file name protocol:
(Please note that Wise Money NEVER holds your credit card details)

The AutoFill tab in Toolbar Options enables you to automatically complete forms on the web. Enter your information and it's stored securely on your own computer. When you see yellow-colored form fields on web pages, you can choose to have Google complete the form for you with the information you've entered.

AutoFill stores personal data where only you can access it - your own computer. And your credit card number is encrypted and protected by a password you set. None of this information is ever sent to Google. In the Toolbar, the AutoFill button is enabled when you visit a page with fields that AutoFill can fill. Otherwise, the button in the Toolbar appears gray.

To complete forms on sites that you trust, just click the enabled AutoFill button. If you haven't entered any AutoFill information that applies to the current page, AutoFill displays the AutoFill tab page in the Toolbar Options window. Once you've entered your information on that page, clicking the AutoFill button will automatically complete a form.

If you want to see your data before it's filled into the form, hold down Shift as you click the AutoFill button. That way you'll see the information you're providing and protect yourself from pages that might try to capture information in hidden or hard-to-see fields.

If you don't want AutoFill to automatically highlight fillable fields, go to the More options tab and clear the checkbox "Automatically highlight fields that AutoFill can fill."

For now, AutoFill works only with English pages.

Here are the fields AutoFill can complete and what they mean:


Full name - Enter your first and last names as you want them to appear on a form
Email address - Enter your complete email address, such as me123@google.com
Phone number - Enter your phone number, including the area code or country code
Primary Address

Line 1 - Enter your street address or post box number
Line 2 - Use this line for suite number, apartment number, or other secondary part of your address
City - Enter your city
State/province - Enter your state or province
Zip/postal code - Your zip code or postal code goes here
Country - Choose your country from the drop-down list
When a page asks for a shipping address, use
my primary address - The shipping address used is the address you entered as the primary address.
an alternate address - If your credit card billing address is different from your primary address, click the "alternate address" option, making the Add/Edit Alternate Address button available, and complete the Alternate Address fields to use as your billing or shipping address.

Credit Card - To include your credit card information in AutoFill, click the Add/Edit Credit Card button. The Credit Card Information window opens. This information is only stored on your computer so it is entirely secure. You might choose to take advantage of the additional password protection feature if you share your computer with others.

Credit Card
Name on card - Enter the name as it appears on the credit card
Number - Enter the credit card number without hyphens
Type - Choose from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa
Expiration date - Choose the month and year from the drop-down lists
Billing address - The billing address used is the primary address you entered on the AutoFill tab. If your credit card billing address is different from your primary address, click "an alternate address", making the Add/Edit Alternate Address button available, and complete the Alternate Address fields to use as your billing or shipping address.
Password - To protect your credit card number, you can require a password before AutoFill completes the credit card part of a form. AutoFill prompts you for the password before filling in your credit card information. If you have no password set, AutoFill will display a warning message before it puts your credit card number into a form.
The Set Password button opens the Set AutoFill Password box for you to enter your new password and to confirm it. Google strongly encourages you to use an AutoFill password, preferably a password with at least 8 characters including at least 1 number.
If you forget your AutoFill password, go to the AutoFill options tab, click Add/Edit Credit Card, and then click the Forgot Password button. AutoFill clears your credit card number, so you can type it in again.

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