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With the Bank of England's interest rates now at 4.75% we have a number of loans from 1.49%, for any purpose, up to 125% of equity, tenants, people with poor credit history and with court judgments helped!


One of Wise Money's UK registered clients has already saved over 37% off their insurance!

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Please join us now by registering your details here and you too could start saving! Ltd offers to you the best, truly unbiased, easy to use financial services which is why you will not find any advertising on the site nor will you be bombarded with spam in future.

"Thank you all at Wise Money for being so patient and helping me all of the way through with my mortgage application process."- Ms N.B., UK.
"I have achieved a far better forex exchange rate than was expected. I look forward to many more dealings in the future."-Mr JH. of UK.

"I saved much more than I had hoped for with your motor car insurance quote- many thanks!"- Mr P.S., UK.

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