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Wise Money's Terms of Business and Legal Disclaimers

And now for something completely different… the terribly important but extremely boring legal warnings bit - Sorry:

  1. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.
  2. Wisemoney.com.Ltd is a finance, mortgage and loan intermediary who offers information on the different types of mortgages from the whole of the market that we offer so that you can make an informed choice of which to take.
  3. Some quotes are provided in principle only and may be subject to change.
  4. Some services offered may be subject to status checks.
  5. There are no advance payments for any services offered, although a valuation fee for a secured loan or mortgage may be required.
  6. A written quotation is available on request.
  7. A "cooling off" period of a minimum of 14 days applies to all services on offer.
  8. WiseMoney.com Limited is an independent introducer as was defined by the PIA and solely provides an execution-only service.
  9. There are no other legal, registration fees or any other setting up charges.
  10. If you are in any doubt about whether any product offered is suitable for your needs you should contact us directly or an independent financial advisor for advice prior to any purchase.
  11. To check the status of your service application you can also telephone WiseMoney.com on 01242 517683 between 9.30 am and 4.30 P.M., GMT, Monday to Friday, only.
  12. We aim to provide to all of our customers and registered users a first class standard of service. If you are unhappy with this service or have any case for dissatisfaction you should contact us directly. Please quote any policy number and your user ID number. Should this matter not be resolved to your satisfaction you may then approach the relevant service provider who will handle most complaints concerning a financial services policy. This will not effect any of your legal rights.
  13. General insurance applications in the United Kingdom are passed to Pearson Insurance Services who are regulated members of the G I S C.

Your Personal Data Protection
The information that you provide during a full registration will be used if or when relevant to calculate a potential quote for you, for a few of the most needed and purchased financial products.

We NEVER pass your details to unconnected third parties

Naturally, this is at no cost to you and you have no obligation to buy anything, ever. It is purely an attempt to provide to you the best value financial services, automatically.

You can unsubscribe and have any personal details deleted easily at any time in the future. You can email us anytime at delete@wisemoney.com and we will remove all of your personal details from our database as soon as is reasonably possible.

We are required by the Registrar to regularly check with you that the records that we hold about you are correct. So, you will be asked by us to confirm the accuracy of your details from time to time.

If you would like a copy of the personal details that we hold about you, please apply on a tree-based letter which also states your Date of Birth, to WiseMoney.com Ltd, 24 Charlton Drive, Cheltenham, Glos GL53 8ES, UK and include a Stamped Addressed Envelope, and a cheque for £10 payable to WiseMoney.com ltd. We will reply to your request within 40 days.

If you have any complaints about the service that you receive from WiseMoney and the way that we have dealt with your personal details, you are entitled to address your complaint to the Data Protection Registrar. Your rights are currently governed by the Data Protection Act of 1984, and "WiseMoney is committed to upholding the eight Data Protection Principles of good information handling practice."

It is WiseMoney.com Limited's policy NEVER to allow our registered user's details to be used by unconnected parties. We will treat all of your personally identifiable information as private and confidential, except in three exceptional circumstances:
Where we are legally compelled to do so;

Where there is a duty to the public;

Where disclosure is made at your request or with your consent when applying for a product.

The SAFEBUY CODE Code of Conduct
By subscribing to the SafeBuy Code we undertake with SafeBuy and with their customers that they will at all times abide by it. Although SafeBuy cannot guarantee that any individual retailer’s site conforms with the SafeBuy Code at every moment in time, SafeBuy validates websites at the time of application and then regularly samples sites including the placing of orders for goods in order to test those sites for ongoing conformity.

1. Requirements
We will use the SafeBuy logo as an active link (hyperlink) to safebuy.org.uk where this Code of Practice is published.
1.2 Any advertising on the site, whether by the site owner or third parties, will comply with the British Codes of Advertising and Sales Promotion (BCASP).
1.3 Any advertising on the site, whether by the site owner or third parties, will conform to the rulings laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority (asa.org.uk).
2. Transaction Requirements
2.1 Products or services for sale will be clearly and accurately described with relevant characteristics (e.g. dimensions, material).
2.2 Payment options will be shown and the level of security displayed for the transaction.
2.3 There is be an option for the customer to abort the order up to the point of final confirmation.
2.4 Any special offers will have the time or condition requirements clearly identified.
2.5 A confirmation of the order or application will be sent by email or post within 24 hours. This will include our company details, a unique order number, the total price and clear instructions on the customer’s rights of cancellation or return, including timescales, with an explanation of how to effect a cancellation or return.
3. Terms and Conditions
3.1 All contract terms, including any guarantees or warranties, will be clearly displayed and a further clear indication given that we do not affect the customer’s statutory rights.
3.2 Neither the retailer nor the customer should expect to rely on any verbal agreement. Both parties should require written confirmation before accepting any variation of the order or other term of the contract.
3.3 Before the customer can order the goods/services or submit any payment, he/she must be obliged to scroll through and accept the Terms and Conditions.
4. Faults and Disagreements
4.1 All Errors in any area of order processing, delivery or administration will be corrected within 30 days.
4.2 We have an effective complaints procedure. All complaints will be logged and an acknowledgement given to the customer within three working days. We will keep the customer informed of the progress of the investigation of the complaint.
4.3 Where a user of the WiseMoney.com website has a complaint against us, please write either to me: Simon Dye, Chairman, WiseMoney.com Ltd, 24 Charlton Drive, Cheltenham, Glos GL53 8ES, UK- alternatively my direct phone line is 01242 521967 during BST working hours or online by emailing me at: SafeBuy@wisemoney.com explaining how you feel we have failed to live up to your expectations and detailing what you require from us to satisfy your situation.
4.4 In the event that the retailer and customer cannot agree on the resolution of a complaint, we will advise the customer of any trade complaints body, regulator or ombudsman who may be relevant. We will also advise the customer of the SafeBuy mediation procedure.
4.5 SafeBuy will act as mediators, at no charge to either party, in the event of a dispute as to compliance with the Code Of Practice which cannot be resolved in a timely manner. SafeBuy will only act where there is hardcopy documentation of all areas of the transaction. SafeBuy will be at liberty to provide copies to both parties of all documentation presented in connection with the dispute. SafeBuy/TrustUK is not entitled to impose a decision upon the parties but, as mediator, to attempt to facilitate a resolution of the dispute between the parties. If this is not achieved within what SafeBuy/TrustUK considers to be a reasonable time then SafeBuy will be entitled to withdraw from involvement as mediator
4.6 In the event of the retailer’s own complaints procedure and the SafeBuy mediation procedure being unsuccessful in resolving the complaint, the retailer agrees that the consumer has the right to arbitration under the EEJ-NET scheme of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and waives his/her right to decline arbitration under this scheme. EEJ-NET is an email arbitration scheme, at relatively low cost, the full details of which are at www.eej-net.org.uk. Details are also available by email from SafeBuy. The costs of the arbitration are borne by the consumer and the retailer.
4.7 None of the above processes affects the right of the consumer to take the matter to the Courts or any other complaints resolution body.
4.8 If the retailer is in the opinion of SafeBuy in breach of the Code with no reasonable justification, then SafeBuy has the right to remove the retailer from the approval scheme. The retailer accepts that there is no right of appeal or redress against SafeBuy’s decision.
5. Security
5.1 We take and maintain all practicable security procedures to prevent hacking or other external access, or any unauthorised internal access, to any data relating to customers or orders. If data is provided to any third parties necessary for the execution of the contract, we maintain our responsibility to ensure that the same standards are met by those third parties.
5.2 Methods of payment are as secure as is practicable- with Secure Socket Layer encryption wherever applicable. If a hyperlink is required to another site with further details of the level of security it will be prominently displayed.
6. Privacy
6.1 We will never pass your personal details to unconnected third parties.
6.2 Unsolicited commercial emails will never be sent to individuals who have requested removal from the marketing database either directly to the retailer or through a emailing preference service.
6.3 We reserve the right to transfer any personal data to countries outside of the European Economic Area however you will be given the option to reject this before it occurs.
7. Children
7.1 Only people over 18 years of age may use our services. We never target any person who does not meet a country's legal age requirements for financial services.


WiseMoney.com Limited, 24 Charlton Drive,
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 8ES
E-mail: info@wisemoney.com

Office Registered in England - Registered Number 3506015
Authorised by the Office of Fair Trading - Consumer Credit Licence Number 442874
Mortgage Code of Compliance Board - Registration Number 5200720
Data Protection Registrar Number Z5407728.

"This organisation is committed to upholding the eight Data Protection
Principles of good information handling practice"

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